Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fire works, really!

And what goes up
must come down,
that which burns bright
explodes, delights and is gone,
like is a sparkler
an ahas koora
along whose trajectory
eye will run
and whose upward curve
is made of squeal and laughter
and when it ends
the night is no less bright
no more dark
the universe is cleared
collapses into true dimensions,
but that's for certain eyes
and in days of celebration
and thanksgiving
it's good to soar
good to delight
good to be a child. 

[published in 'The Nation', April 15, 2015]


1 comment :

  1. this is reality really!

    "And what goes up
    must come down" .....

    excellent way to begin this poem, a good explanation of 'fire'..... and those two lines indicating the truth of 'temporarily','the two sides of human life' and the rest of the lines of the poem have enhanced the core idea of this poem.