Thursday, 19 April 2012

For Tutu

Who are you,
tell me,
two years is long enough
incognito is not forever,
are you a lizard
of the colour-changing kind
or a monitor,
a tick perhaps,
or grasshopper,
are you clown, politician or hobo,
or is this long obstinacy of not-telling
a marker of knowing,
arrogance of a kind
or compassion?
Are you a constitution
a corporation or cooperative,
a flea-farm or field of dreams?
Are you story book or lovability,
gatekeeper or head-of-household,
and do you say to yourself
in the national language of your choice
as you offer blanks tagged with wag
to my daily questionnaire,
‘I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about, man!’? 


  1. truly i believe that a person has to play all these roles at least once in her/his whole life. if you take each of these characters or the creatures that you have mentioned here and think of the nature of those it is so easy to understand a character. it is not necessarily for a person to hold the 'tag of the politician' to play the role or the behaviors of such a character officially. Who is a politician? what is the nature of such a character .... a community/ a country representative.... a power holder, speaker, a person who gives orders and a person who has the authority over some of the things in a society above all a father/mother/ relative one has to play such roles also and a politician sometimes shows the nature of a lizard also a story book, a person with lovability etc. a farmer is a very cooperative of a corporation ( farmer organizations) can't he speak? can't he change the colours of the paddy fields from time to time ... He can change the earthy colours of a land in to lovely green field ....
    a child is a story book, a clown is a person who has the ability to entertain people don't we entertain our friends sometimes?

    i like this poem a lot.