Monday, 30 April 2012

Today is May Day

Yes, you are damn right it is!
May Day falls on April 29th,
on January 1st and December 31st
and everyday between,
it is the day they built the Taj Mahal
from scratch to polish
the pyramids and minarets
stupas and tanks
the nuclear reactor
and the multi-barrel gun
stretching from first stitch
to after-sales service
and disbursement of insurance
the picking of pockets
ravaging of heart
breaking of bones
and the celebration
of labour
with courtesy and redness
no apology
none given,
none asked.  


  1. When people have money
    Every day is a Christmas Day
    When they don't have money
    It is the day, Jesus
    was crucified
    When the workers
    are less paid
    or exploited
    They walk
    on the streets
    with RED BANNERS
    The observant say
    it is a May Day
    When the same worker
    becomes an employer
    Then it is just
    another DAY
    with ZERO income
    MAY DAY is RED
    because the banners are RED
    not the leaders
    Yes, only the WORKER

    Edward 30.04.2012

  2. Absolutely. Well said, Anon.1