Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I like to draw lines
define spaces
not in the manner of an architect
or cartographer, no
but I like to play with heart-crayon
on mind-paper
and set out flower-flanked pathways:
the forks meant to lead astray
the hidden turn that was not taken
and the strange heartbeat keys
that brought us
from unknown beginnings
through familiar charades
stumbling through word lines
tripping over innuendo and glance
to this place of no return.

[From the collection 'Some texts are made of leaves', shortlisted for the Gratiaen Award 2011]


  1. nicely written. architecture of something is so important. it shows ones ability, the stories of dreams,art and crafts, the monumental values of such things, take Taj Mahal for instance ..... that is not just a monument of love. it shows the dedication, time, help of others, the friends who supported, the citizens who supported the king respecting the 'idea' behind building such a beautiful palace, patience, all these show some values. i have read somewhere that the prince or the King sent some people here to collate some materials for the palace. some valuable stones i believe.

    mind papers are one of the best papers in the world i believe. if you take other papers once you publish somethings that can not be erasable but the things that you print in your own mind are adjustable one can adjust the pages the way we like and it is so flexible. but there is a little problem in reading 'the mind papers' i mean one can read but it is not easy to read accurately :)

    mind papers are that big and it contains so much of pages, uncountable. and those pages are generally printed with all sort of information, knowledge, qualitative and quantitative stuff, etc etc....

  2. This is amazing. One of your most brilliant.