Monday, 18 June 2012

A note on always-things

Rain there always was
and always will be
it’s met with umbrella and indoor
raincoat and into-the-bus-stop-rush;
there will be sun and night,
sunglasses and light;
there are disease days
of vaccination and quarantine
boiled-cooled water and koththamalli,
there is ignorance
battered to submission by knowledge,
there are houses in flames
and there’s douse-attempt;
there are recurring things
and structured things,
so don’t tell me
‘poverty there will always be’
don’t tell me: ‘tyranny there will always be’
don’t say ‘these things have always been the same’
for when bad-breath thug is in your face
you move away
or sock him in the jaw.
Bad breath breathing is a choice,
let’s say.


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