Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pahiyan Man

So they’ve found a skeleton,
with food-remnant and implement-shard,
somewhere in Pahiyangala,
that eff-peed cave
branded for profit
where Fa-Hien may have tarried
but probably did not;
and now, ancient man
of just part skull and part limb,
rudely woken
from 20,000 years of slumber
give or take a century
or two
do you speak of that time
or have you come to tell us who we are,
us of the grave-digging century
of processed food and polythene wrapper,
scavenging litterers
and literary excavators,
fascinated with date
terrified of destiny,
are you here to remind:
‘History is a safe resident
I know.’?


1 comment :

  1. Dear Poet ......... this is so wonderful that you wrote a poem of that important finding. Thank you for touching a different subject this time with a very thoughtful mind and keeping some space for your reader to think a little on different things.

    i heard the news of that archeologically and historically valuable finding. And this is for the first time in history of SL that they have found a full skeleton of our ancient man?) he has come to remind us many things. He is asking us to compare our past with 'present' and he will for sure teach us some lessons for our 'future'.
    perhaps, he will provide us a better report of what he has observed all these years analyzing the whole history 'logically' and peacefully.

    i do not know how he will conclude the report perhaps the way you have ended your thoughtful poem ' History is a safe resident i know .........