Thursday, 23 August 2012

Between eye and eye

Between eye and eye
is a wall
word-bricked and silence-plastered
between eye and eye
is a mirror
reflecting perfection,
the love-seek twinning
of young hearts
trapped at 16
and between eye and eye
is chasm, moment and dissolve
endless immediacy
of the unattainable,
the impossible loves
made for poetry and insanity
the unbuttoning of jealousy
the right-click that drops options
without ‘tomorrow, tomorrow and so forth’. 


  1. "the right-click that drops options"

    Back/Forward/Reload/Stop/Save as.../Print.../Translate to English/Inspect element


  2. if you right click something i hope one gets right answers. i clicked it that way. right clicking is better than wrong clicking.
    why this time you have nothing to discuss in this page. update the society though this page.
    love is like that sometimes for some it is attainable and some other times it is attainable. if something is unattainable and impossible there are other options in life to attain forgetting the unattainable.

    in this attainable and unattainable world full of people nothing is impossible. possible and attainable will sustain to a certain level because nothing will sustain permanently that is the reality.

  3. When I reached the end of the poem, I had many ideas and interpretations. I noticed that the theme of "youthful fancies" is broadly highlighted. "endless immediacy" is such a captivating usage of words. Sinice the liberty to interpret the imagery used in different ways prevails throughout the poem, it definitely compels the reader to re read.