Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ode to a saucer

There’s a saucer
but no apple
nothing to spin
nothing to ask for,
just saucer
with wash-remnant drops
bordered florality
nothing to write home about
nothing for a fairy tale
no children’s story
no adult theme
just saucer and I
this slow Wednesday
of a cluttered desk
and diurnal insanity;
modest ceramic
cup-less and content,
of a kind.


  1. why is the saucer cupless?

  2. I too have the same question- why is this saucer CUPLESS? A saucerless cup is understood, yet a CUPLESS saucer?

  3. inspired by 2 things. a story, 'the saucer and the apple' from Vasilissa the Beautiful, and a saucer on my table. i had left the cup somewhere after finishing my afternoon tea.

  4. Reference to Vasilissa brought so many beautiful childhood memories....

  5. Can a saucer be ever content 'cup-less'?

  6. Malinda,
    Though it's of no relevance to 'Ode to Saucer', I thought I'd comment on a poem of yours which I came across recently and quite accidentally- inspired by War heroes monument-
    "no womb can ever contain
    or entertain
    for child is child.
    child is live-child
    or not at all"
    The lines moved me profoundly as I watched my mother losing a child and now watch my grandmother witnessing the numbered days of her daughter- my aunt. The circumstances may be different, yet as you correctly say 'child is live-child or not at all'.

  7. i have a feeling that ' a cup' and a saucer' two independent bodies though they serve the needy together. both can survive without each other. just think of the uses of two components
    but it is nicer to see it together and that was how that was created and designed by the creator of the 'cup and the saucer'

    but we have at home a saucers with out cups and cups with out saucers reason ' one of them either broke due to natural reasons or some one has broken it purposely. 'flying cups' :) i can not remember any incidents recently :) we lost one or two of them due to 'flipping through my fingers because of carelessness. but now i am very careful in handling the things that needs 'more care and attention.

    this is a wonderful topic to explore our minds a bit going a little far from the very ordinary analyzing.