Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Fences and walls

Posts driven into earth breathtaking interval stops
neat brick-row broken glass topped
or barbed
or lanterned for aesthetics
their eye-less stares forbid
and invites;
so I went
I looked
and I report.

Weed-seeds fly over
and fall on neighbor,
soil moves in rain-rush
and moves on
from his to mine
to his or her downhill,
real estate is dusted
and wind-sent from door to door
to settle on floor, table and window-sill
swept out duly
and left without owner-tag,
bird-picked seeds fall
gardens erupt
in thora, kiri-henda batu, penela
leafy greened truths
mock boundaries
the surveyor’s lines
dissolve territorial fascination
and homelands move around
like bucks and water.



  1. Thora, kiri-henda batu, panela
    maru wel, weta mara, etc
    Green testimony
    of fences
    Natural or man-made
    Illusionary or realistic?
    I know not.
    Some edible others a hemlock root
    That much I know.
    When thora, penela, weta mara and maru wel
    Thrive in lustrous vegetation of a mind
    All a hemlock
    That much I know
    A gardener nowhere in vicinity
    Who can uproot
    the weta mara, thora and maru wel.....

  2. walls and fences some say are for protection. walls are not just 'bricks and cement stories' or the fences are not just stories of 'weta maara' or 'katukambi' or the concept of 'viduli wetawal' to chase away the wild elephants to protect 'the harvest of the poor or the grains of the cities'. i am thinking according to the Buddhism a wall is a bondage a 'bemmak' that prevent the pruthagjana from reaching the eternal truth of life 'nirwana' 'fences' 'viduli wetawal'has a indescribably important when it comes to analyzing the same truth 'marked territories of 'someones ownership' within a fenced territory a life becomes private. Privacy is important in life but fences are 'see through territories' the walls are different you see only little within. i like fences than walls. seeing through a heart of a person is important if possible the person who is willing to cross a fence or jump over to a fence most probably visible to others, both outer parties and to the inner parties.

    interesting topic to analyze applying many things related to life and lives.