Thursday, 9 August 2012

For M....

We spoke of trips, all kinds
of companions on our journeys
and journeys too,
we stop of trips
about property rights
of the intellectual kind,
of trees and garbage too
places that were immediate
people too,
and we spoke
over popcorn and unrepeatable menus
about silly things
like fear
and laughter
and we laughed
and all that time
she read me
through words and ink
on A-4 paper
and conversation drop;
I don’t remember
what was then unforgettable
and I remember now
what was then unnoticed
and I say to myself
like Pound and others
‘Time saw this,
that’s enough’.



  1. Malinda,
    ‘I will not write to you again and I will not meet you for reasons that will not get written’.
    There are reasons that don’t get written. It must be a good thing...
    the reasons that will not get written are sometimes as good as spoken word arent they? but they are not always good are they? in your dedication to M , it says, "you make me laugh". the ability to make another human being laugh in a good sense is a great human faculty few are blessed with and the pity is Malinda, such laughter is mocked by the majority.they cannot distinguish the laughter of comradeship from others. \pity isn't it and then sworn to silence entwined in "reasons which cannot be written"... At least Time saw this and that's enough." Thank you Malinda for your gift of poetry which touched not only M but many more....

  2. A beauty. I am thinking of the sense of loss one feels when one realizes that the unforgettable cannot be remembered any more. Lonesome sense of loss.

  3. M....Even she ANGEL or WITCH, SHE treated you like a HUMAN by her pure soul....

  4. ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’....

  5. We are none of us angels or devils, but we are all at times devilish and angelic, mostly out of our ignorance. I never had reasons to complain. Time passes....certain things fade, certain things fade slower. some stay.