Thursday, 30 August 2012

Reflections on unities

“Unity = Kneeling down 'together' in front of freaks, trying to intimidate others who have different views 'together', and waiting 'together' silently until perverts shit on their heads ! :))”
--  Lasitha Yasanga

You are not the you of yesterday
and will not be you tomorrow
cells die and are born;
water comes, water goes,
breath too,
and the thought-train
and thought-drain
make, shape and change
the ‘Opinion I’;
they come from unknown body
and to unknown body move,
some made of light blue
and some of mud-night hue:
and so we stand together now
rub shoulders with ourselves
selves that were and selves to be
in uncomfortable, disconcerting
in the name of objective
in the thrill of objection
in the holy matrimonies of struggle.
You could do less and so could I
but we don’t;
sometimes we make the desert bloom
sometime we make it bleed
in our ignorances
and in the purity of intention.
It’s good to fight
the good fight
against all odds
against all reason
and it is good to know the odds
and be reason-powered too,
for tear and shout are photo-ops
and mind is uncapturable.  

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