Saturday, 23 November 2013

True identities

True identity is a clash 
between resistance and conformity

it is the solidarity

between tear that falls

and tear held back,

the perennial struggle 

between hope and despair

each seeking to stay 

one step ahead of the other;

true identity is multi-colored

and yet blind to color,

it is a cry, a shout 

and soft word comfort;

it does not unfurl banner

mumble slogan 

or stamp itself 

in manifesto, declaration 

and statement;

it affirms in silence

and lives regardless

of naming.


  1. if we are expressing our personality, or character, is it done in silence?....and how do we know "true identity".....if it isn't projected with action? descriptive here, , which is an adjective is not the action word to say, a cry or shout?....tho when you start with true identities, there lies your adverb....but identity is Noun....yes...maybe best suited title would be, in truth of identity....and of course, I could be missing something???

    1. Dear Anonymous, you are missing quite a bit. There's no need to dissect and analyze a beautiful poem in this manner.

    2. thank you for your question is, what am I missing?...that is what I am wanting enlighten me of my missing ability, no..but to enlighten me of what I "missed" ?..yes....I patiently await your version, then in laymans terms of this beautiful piece....I thank you..:D

    3. Thanks, Malinda. Strikes home.