Sunday, 24 November 2013

Narrating leaves

In blade of grass
in the most complex of leaves –
coconut in stars and contrast,
the support seeking vine
weed and the first shoots of rice,
embedded love
varied narratives
there are weaves
to be observed
to gather as poetry
or between leaves of              
 favorite books
pressed and color-captured
and yet slipping through
the fingers of classification,
like poetry in other languages
where only the music of          
rhythm and rhyme
and alliterative essence
provide code
for caressing but not ownership
of ancient things
in pretty, colored, contemporary
beat and pause.


  1. these coconut leaves , the weeds and the rice have their own stories of the ways they have been nurtured and raised just like for those poetry in other languages , their roots may differ but voices the same art I guess :)

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