Sunday, 21 September 2014

The reed-wrought

Long before finger-flip, twist and turn,
the over-under of now and then another,
long before pigment and pattern,
the selection of motif
and the play of cultural politics,
long before markets and marketing,
display and sexying up,
the subduing of use-value
the consecration of exchange,
where bag is not bag but status
mat is not for ‘sat’ but wall,
long before the counting of coins
and assessment of the viable commercial
there was sun, weed and a bit of earth
and from there to now is a long story
ours to discover
our to (mis)read
and cherish.
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  1. Dear Malinda,
    May I know how we could get these books published by you autographed? Can we come to your office or are you planning to have a 'book signing session' soon?
    - Suharya- a poetry fan of yours