Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A lovely bunch of coconuts

A tree for the ages
from tap root to top
nothing to discard
love notes to civilization
crafted to please
sense by sense
made to make easy
sojourns brief and long
and we forget
here in this island
how naked we would be
by this generous palm.

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  1. “A lovely bunch of coconuts” is an inspiring and thought-provoking poem. Its main idea is to show us how it is significant to the island nation. From the very beginning of the poem, the speaker induces us to realize that we should re-search our link with the importance of generous palm and understand the value of it. “love notes to civilization”, as we read in the poem, I feel it may be an extreme exaggeration used for emphasis (Hyperbole) the interrelation with the island society.
    If we look closer at the poem-form, we will notice that the poem is not divided into stanzas, it is ongoing. We can assume that this can illustrate the concept that life of the tree is serving without breaks. Also, many sentences in the poem are cut off. They don’t continue in the next line. Simple wording gives some thoughts in a pleasing moment. If used more poetic terms it could be more meaningful.
    Jayaratne Weerakkody

  2. are you trying to give Malinda a literature lesson through his poem?
    Just enjoy reading it!

    1. OH...Vexed Anonymous!! About your comment in favor of learned writer! When I shut my mouth and walk away doesn't mean you won. It simply means your senseless comment isn't worth my time!