Friday, 29 April 2016

For Pasan Kodikara

He came in and went out
or was it the other way about?
he was a whisper and a fragrance
utterly intangible
and yet with intangibility stamped
a presence that stayed and stayed;
he was ‘out’
as in outcast and un-belonged
he was ‘in’ 
in a way we could never be,
in life
in song
in word
in love
omnipresent in absence
absent in his astrally 
lost because we were lost
found because he found us
just by being
by inhabiting fidelity
to held beliefs of un-belonging
by trespassing 
out of everyday prisons 
by living 
among the dead
by dying
to enter the afterlife 
of life he crafted
with whisper and fragrance.

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