Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Akbar Bridge

The Akbar Bridge must know
of love and tryst,
of blinding and blindness
of union so common 
and yet believed to be 
of a singularity beyond words;
I did not talk with Akbar Bridge:
it just stood as it always did
in its historic specificity 
and logic of being:
so she could float like a whisper
and a fragrance
through sunlight and forbidding
for embrace and dissolve.    


  1. In an unexplainable way, Akbar Bridge breathes of solitude and an unbearable loss. In all its captivating beauty, the bridge seems to be bearing the agony of an untold story. So sad and beautiful at the same time...

  2. Bridge was built as one or many wanted.So they crossed and stopped,had many wants ,nothing happened as they liked.
    Bridge still smile while they weep . Eternal story until wisdom touches the soul.