Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mulleriyawa is a Memory-Ground

Blood was shed in 1562

blood, like any other blood,
in any other year,
here or there or anywhere
but Mulleriyawa,
deliberately 'asylumed'
on account of shame
was bloodied
in the name
of way of life
and by way of life
in the art of war
of have-to-do
and why and when and how
as it is
when invader is tested
and bested
as it will be
450 years hence
in that other 'Angampora'
of the relevant age:
Mulleriyawa is battleground
and memory
of an insanity
that was cured.

[Inspired by the photography of Sanka Gallage who captured a special display of the ancient Sinhala art of war, 'Angampora' by Mahantha Arachchige Ajantha Perera and his students commemorating the 450th anniversary of the historic victory of the Sinhalese over the Portuguese in Mulleriy]


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