Tuesday, 4 September 2012


One arm under her neck and back over her
the other under her arm
so cheek can rest on palm,
(she’s palmable)
soft kisses on the other cheek
and the nocturnal chanting
of all known sweet-nothings
that are everything and more;
she turns by habit,
lays head on chest
and claims in her unconscious
the conscious right: ‘you are mine’,
and turns back for preferred comforts
in the happy concession: ‘I am yours’.  


  1. Wow- such a sensuous poem....'She's palmable'- what does this indicate? That she's petite?
    So sensational.....Yes there is one querry- why isn't 'I' mentioned anywhere? "I kiss her" , "She lays head on MY chest?"

  2. Malinda,
    I think 'Night Love' is somewhat an unusual work of yours- quite different to the rest of the verse. I feel this is quite a straightforward exploration of quite an every day occurence and the verse is free of your usual riddles! Yet it's charming.

  3. Can you explain "turns back for preferred comforts"?

  4. She likes being cuddled. 'She' will be 9 two weeks from now. :)

    1. :D :D We people have dirty always misread anything. Lovely Poem Malinda :)

  5. that was very naughty, Malinda. you set this up- you know you did!

  6. No, but the thought did cross my mind that people might misread. The sentiments expressed are honest and the description is true.

  7. One arm under her neck and back over her
    the other under her arm
    so cheek can rest on palm,- YOU LOST ME THERE!

  8. The title Night Love and the "nocturnal chanting
    of all known sweet-nothings" being the description of your little girl is beyond wildest imagination!!!! So another riddle again????

  9. Now u see:D
    Somebody recommended this to me claiming that this is a dirty one from u:D
    But mine hasn't been such a dirty mind after all... (If u get what I mean" Seriously people don't know how to have sex:P:P
    Early wishes for a very happy birthday to ur Dearest daughter from me:-)

  10. Awesome creation! I haveNo words to describe this poems...
    heart Melting! really such great creation that i never seen before
    Great"NIHGT LOVE"..........

  11. Again, wonderful poem............