Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The bus that caught India

There was a bus going to Trichy
to an airport and a plane
speeding from hatred and insanity
there was a bus
that caught a stone
and held a scream;
there was a bus that left for Trichy
but skidded off the road
to end in a city,
that Delhi of centrality
of apathy and political calculus
Delhi of a Shining India
that displaced chauvinism off-shore
but found that ideas don’t leave
like people do, like guns do, like money does;
there was a bus that caught a stone
it is the bus that Delhi didn’t want to take
but that India found herself trapped in --
and here
in Sri Lanka
we look across the water
we see and shake our heads:
‘Sorry, wrong number,
sorry, wrong bus!’ 

1 comment :

  1. this your 'poem'surely will catch a lots of heart passengers and travelers across globe for sure and in return they,the people against 'crime and terror, insult,disrespect' will send you i believe a huge basket full of flowers

    i like this poem a lot, a different one.