Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Tests balancing-skill
between greed and need,
a little less gives burn
a little more floors;
a delicate thing
is meal.


  1. A tug-of-war of greed and need
    of haves and have nots
    The craving of haves
    the famine of etiquette (table and otherwise)
    partaking as 'in thing'
    of junk to organic
    is meal....

  2. what the wretched
    of earth not get
    but what they still
    dream of
    that available
    in plenty
    on TVs
    what the haves (politically)
    promise to distribute
    for the have nots
    before the elections
    but forgotten
    not by mistake!

  3. this is a good poem. meals shows different facets of many things. level of understanding 'health & nutrition' ' choices, likes & dislikes of dear & near ones, patience of cooking, accuracy of the things should add and should not add, the colour of the meal show 'understanding on not the colours of vegies and spices it shows many other things as well ' the art of cooking' - not destroying the inner values of the vegies you cut in to different shapes and sizes.

    also this shows the 'deepness 'carefulness of the wallet of one's family'.

    this poem takes ones thinking towards many directions of life and lives